Warez In the World!  
I'm designing this mini-website as a Google magnet of sorts, in an experiment to see just how many hits I can bring to 13kingdoms.com. 

The content of this site will be arranged as a "Warez Calculator" that supposedly adds up the cost of Warez programs that you have downloaded.  Each page will display the title of a "Warez" application as well as the approximate retail value of the product.  "Warez," for the uninitiated, is a term for illegal pirated programs. 

Note: I have no intentions of providing Warez content, or even links to such content on this site!  I don't even plan on making the Warez Calculator functional...

Once the basic framework is in place, I will add a link to this site via the front page of 13kingdoms.com, in order for Google to spider the site.  (The term spider refers to a search engine discovering WebPages by following links from WebPages that the search engine already knows of.)


New: I'm setting up a keyword test site... Click here to visit it!

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