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This page is intended to give you the approximate retail value of Warez programs that are commonly downloaded from the Internet.  To see the value of a given program, click on it's name.  To return to this  index page, hit the back arrow or select "Click here to continue" to go on to a great game of Javanoid or to be sent to Protista.com for web oddities!!  

NOTE: there are no links to any warez programs here, nor does this site endorse warez.  This site is simply part of a project that I am working on...  Please click here to read more about it!



Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Nascar Racing 2002
Throne Of Darkness
 MechWarrior4: Vengence
 Train Simulator
 Empire Earth
 Age Of Empires 2 Gold Edition
 Asheron's Call Dark Majesty
 Half Life Blue Shift
 Zoo Tycoon
 Dark Age Of Camelot
 Ultimate Ride
 Need For Speed 2
 Diablo 2


Microsoft Publisher 2002
Visio 2002
Project 2000
Microsoft Money 2002
ACT 2000 5.0
Adobe Acrobat 5.0
Powerpoint 2002
PcAnywhere 10.5
Peachtree First Accounting 2002
Microsoft Office XP
Microsoft Word XP
Microsoft Office 2000


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